Wonderful 50s Costumes Ideas

Wonderful 50s Costumes Ideas

One of the most iconic decades of the 20th century is the 50s and this is one of the major reasons why a lot of themed parties often relive this fabulous era. From the elegant Marilyn Monroe to the Rock n’ Roll King Elvis, there are lots of inspirations to draw from if you want to relive the 50s with the appropriate costume.

Rock n roll outfits are possibly the type of costume you would most relate with the 70s, particularly the iconic polka dot dresses for the ladies. These costumes usually come with a complementary jacket matched with a poodle pattern. All these make a fantastic 50s costumes for the ladies. Relevant accessories like the 50s style sunglasses matched with a pair of saddle shoes will definitely complete the look. For men, there are also lots of 50s costume ideas to explore. One of the most popular is the rock n’ roll Elvis style with bright colored gems tailored on the seams of the jacket with wide lapels.

You can also explore your options with the Greaser costume collections. These are among the most popular 50s costumes because it truly represent the wonderful decade of the 50s. Grease and other relevant movies like The Lords of Flatbush or The Outsiders and the Streets of Fire provide us with wonderful idea on how a 50s costume should look like. Big hair dos are also popular back in the days particularly during the 50s era. For the girls who want to complete their 50s look, a fancy big hair do must not be forgotten along with leather platform sandals or clogs.

For a range of unique and one of a kind 50s costume, you can select from a wide collection of outfits that range from sock hop T-bird adult costume, cute polka dot dress, poodle skirt and dress and a whole lot more. There is also available 50s costumes and accessories for men which include fashionable bottoms with Thunderbird leather jacket, the trendiest in dress and shirts of the fifties and a whole range of accessories among many others. The unique design of 50s outfit makes it stand out from the rest because of its exclusive appeal even for wearers who are not so keen about this culture.

There are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to 50’s costume ideas and you will actually find it hard to make a decision on which particular 50s clothing to choose. This is also not limited to clothing only because there are plenty of accessories that will help complete your 50s look. Regardless of you sex or age, you can find a good design that will go perfectly with your outfit.