50s Halloween Costumes – Ideas For a Simple and Cute Look

Seeking to look simple but cute in your decade outfit this Halloween? In that case you should embrace 50s Halloween costume ideas that will set you apart from the rest. Generally, the fashion styles in the 50s were hourglass in shape. Go ahead and explore great ideas that will reward you with cute and simple decade look.

Choose Fitted Blouse

Back in the days, the female folks wore mostly quarter length sleeves. These blouses came in fitted shoulders instead of the puffy styles. But, it was also popular for women in those days to wear sleeveless blouses.

Collars known as Peter Pan collars were sewn close to the neckline and were round in shape. So, once you integrate these details in your blouse, you can be sure of a cute and simple 50s look.

Match Your Blouse with the Right Kind of Skirts

Of course, your blouse needs a matching skirt that will complement your 50s blouse for a Halloween. Wondering what style of skirt will do the job perfectly? There are varieties to choose from;

  • Full Skirts: They are sewn with more fabrics and some will come with layered petticoats to get fuller. There are different ways to sew the material – gored, pleated, gathered or circle. It’s easy to find these different varieties in an online costume store.
  • Pencil Skirts: A perfect skirt for 50s Halloween costumes should be a pencil skirt, narrow and straight. The essence is to highlight your waistline – a factor that was quite important in the 1950s fashion.
  • Swing Skirts: Also known as poodle skirts, these skirts are designed to be knee high skirts. Swing skirts were also designed with other animal patterns such as insects. The skirt could also be flowery.

So, you can choose from any of these skirt styles to complement your 50s blouse for a simple and cute look.

Consider a Shirt Dress

It was popular those days to wear shirt dress. They typically feature shirt-like bodice devoid of exaggerated/gathered waistline. Often, people wore shirt dresses with narrow belt.

Don a Hat on Your Head

Finish your 50s Halloween costume with a hat on your head. Particularly, small hats were worn by many people in the early 50s. However, the late 50s hats were flower pot kind of hats donned high on the head.

You will definitely look different, simple and cute with these great 50s outfits ideas.