50s Costumes

Are you planning a trip back to the 50’s for an upcoming Halloween party or other event? At FunWirks.com you will find all of the 50’s costumes, accessories and 50’s style outfits you need to make a hit! FunWirks.com is the site of the world’s best costumes and rock & roll theme parties. You simply won’t find a better selection of 50’s costumes for women, 50’s costumes for men, or 50’s accessories in your local costume shop or online. Once you have your costume in mind, you won’t have to start going from location to location to get everything you need to bring the look to life. Just start at FunWirks and you will find everything you need in one convenient online store!


The collection of 50’s costumes for men offer something for every personality type. The Fonz costume includes the popular leather jacket complete with “The Fonz” on the back so there is no mistaking who this super cool guy really is! The Fonz was the most popular and loveable tough guys in the 50’s, gaining great popularity on the sit-com “Happy Days.” For something different, there is also the Buddy Holly tie and jacket. More selections in the 50s costumes for men include the ever-popular Elvis Presley. There is no confusing who is wearing the gold satin costume in matching jacket and pants with beautiful contrasting gold trim and disco dots on the collar, coat pockets and sleeves with matching stripes on the side of the pants.


The selection of 50’s costumes wouldn’t be complete without the 50’s costumes for women from Grease. At FunWirks.com, you will find Sandy’s famous black costume with the imprinted Pleather jacket, matching belt, scoop neck top and shiny fitted leggings that you need to play the role of Sandy in the mega hit movie. You can also select Sandy’s Wig which goes great with the Sandy costume or any of the 50’s costumes. Other wig choices are available to complement any of the 50’s costumes for women as well as those for men.


There are many different themes that were popular in the 50’s, making it a great choice for a variety of costume looks. The selection of 50’s costumes includes a wide assortment as well so that you can choose something to match your individual taste or personality. The 50’s costumes for women include the Bobby Soxer, Ginger, Diva Dress, Jitterbug Outfit, Poodle Skirts and Dress, Prom Queen, I Love Lucy and more. The 50’s costumes for men include assorted Rock and Roll outfits, Danny’s Third Costume, Prom King and more.


Go to funwirks.com to browse the selection of 50’s costumes for him, her and for kids. You will love the wide selection and the great accessories they have to complement every style. Get everything you need from the I Love Lucy wig to the 50’s Poodle Socks to pull your look together and make a trip back to the past! Don’t settle for shopping for your costume needs at anyplace other than FunWirks for the best selection of costumes in the world!

Have fun!

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